Saturday 9 April 2011

Linol cut workshop at the Anna-Schmidt-Schule Frankfurt

Since the beginning of this year we started working on linol cuts featuring portraits and trees to show the interdependence of nature. The students chose special sorts of trees that symbolize something for them. For example Alexandra and Ferdinand liked the fir tree because they have always spend a lot of time with their family in the forest. Johanna's print shows an apple tree that she has photographed during a walk with her family. Leonore's tree has become a kind of fantastic bubble tree and Jesse has chosen a birch. Desirée's selection fell on a winter picture of a lime tree and so everybody has a very special story connected with the icon of the tree in the linol cut.

A group of other students of the Anna-Schmidt-Schule took photos in Frankfurt studying the contrast of architecture and trees in the landscape of the city. It is interesting to see in an abstract way the difference between the geometric grid of windows and floor levels against the free flowing and soft lines of branches and twigs. And it was very exciting to experience the seasonal change of the plants with the blooms and leaves giving new more three-dimensional forms to the linear signs they were before. Spring is a wonderful time here in Frankfurt and we hope that all of the MdA-artists enjoy the warm and beautiful weather at this week-end.