Tuesday 28 February 2012

Unesco Art Class at Anna-Schmidt-Schule Frankfurt started cor(ps)respondance

After an intensive brainstorming session we glanced through contemporary art and culture to look for examples of works that we would associate with the artificial and fascinating pun.
Looks, gestures, poses, bodies, health, disease, letters, movement, dance, acting, charisma, air, first impression, mood, emotions, light and shadow, perception, colour, fashion, traditional habit, experiences, scars, ... it was a lot that came to our minds.
As an artistic apporach we started with blind drawing because the memory of our body lingers in our inner vision although we cannot see it. And based on our own inward physical experience and knowledge we are able to do a drawing that reflects our outer appearance in an amazing way. So without the correction of sight we did a artworks and took photos of the results. We want to show here some examples of Johanna Zorn, Jesse Hable, Younes Laalou and Dorle Schmidt.

Afterwards we prepared a art work together as a group using our shadows:
One after the other did a pose before the canvas and somebody drew the silhouette meanwhile. Thus the process of composition included „correspondance“ and „corps“ and we are curious how the outlines will be filled during the next weeks.
Right above you can see Ela Dutta standing in position with Johanna marking the contours.

Having so much fun posing we decided to do a mime game to investigate the relationship between words and the body and communication. On our photo you see Alexia acting as a „revolutionary“.

We did a whole series of photos of the process but it does not reflect the fun we had doing it. So in this case there is no correspondance between our feelings then and the visual testimony afterwards.

Next time we meet we will work on the silhouette piece and bring along texts, clothes and photos. Maybe you have some ideas for us, too?
Dorle Schmidt