Thursday 23 May 2013

Art Agenda becomes Daily Routine and attracts Followers

The advanced art course of the Anna-Schmidt-Schule, Frankfurt, Germany, started working on their individual projects. Being inspired by the conceptual work of Yoko Ono through her great retrospective in the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt the students were asked to invent a daily art routine and keep going fo at least 30 days.

And this is what they did and still go on doing: For example Joana de Santana Nitz changed her life for 30 days eating vegan. She took photos of her daily meals and wrote comments in a blog:
Also to be seen in public are Yael Friedman’s t-shirt-designs with well photographed instructions and always a photo of herself wearing the daily fashion product: She loves her international followers who can be observed with a flag counter machine.
A lot of other ideas are series of photos talen in a daily routine. For example Stella Krämer observes a spezial spot of the sky changing. Nina Hoppe takes photos of her deliberately changing sleeping places. Anastasia Grimm collects pictures of lost objects and works on a video with her friends showing them dancing to the same favourite pop song in all kind of transportation vehicles. I am really looking forward to see this...!
Alxandra Hochhaus is working on a picture dairy, doing sketches of the first picture that comes to her mind waking up by the radion alarm. Melina Richter draws pictures of photos of herself and so she is also involved with her personal memories of growing up.
Alexia von Salomon’s photo series of a cherry tree in her family’s garden being adorned with a daily growing number of wishing bands will be also an interesting sight as the tree will change ist look during the spring season. The wishes are written by her friends and familiy not by a public like Yoko Ono wishing trees, so it will be more private and we are curious already how she will present it in our exhibition in Paris.

As an artist and teacher I am really amazed about the Art Agende Issue this year as I can see how my students have got involved in the idea of giving their lives a form and forming their lives through art.

And it will be great to see all the other artworks again in july. Thanks to everybody involved, working for memoire de l’avenir!