Monday, 9 March 2009

News from Turkey ! What are they doing ?

A Drop of Peace...
The participating childrens are pupils in primary and junior high school children and they are accompanied by the artists Alp Gani Oral and Tuba Tiryaki.
The project has been realised by selected school children from different parts of Ankara (from different culture & economical conditions) come together for workshops.
Anadolu is very important homeland for many civilizations. 1280BC. Hittites and Egyptians (Mutavallis & Ramses II) come together on these lands to sign Kadeş, first written peace treaty in the world history (one copy on the wall of United Nations). So children start program by visiting Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Children surprised to see peace solutions of different cultures on Anatolia. Expecially children loved the idea of building shopping cities (Karums) . Building strong ties between different cultures by business (the idea do business no fight). After several museum visits children made brain storms to make link between art and peace. And they start to build their protecter lion (showing her teeth and three tails) who protects and preverves the peace.Just like how Hittites put lion statues on gates of Karums. For statue ordinary plastic bottles used by children.

Mevlana Calling...
Melek Koray, artist, accompanies childrens from primary and junior high school.
Mevlana is very important Turkish philosopher who lived 12.century. Known as one of the father of humanism. He influenced by ancient anatolian philosophers. Centuries later this ideas became very important steps of Renaissence in Europe. Last year celebrated as Mevlana year by Unesco.
In all steps of Project, music took important place. Neyzen Haluk Hilmi Derinöz (ney musician ) joined the workshops and gave mini concert to children. Children learned the ideas of Mevlana, his love which holds all religions. Children dance to catch the love. And they express their feelings on papier with ink. All painting come together on love installation.

And an other project is intituled A Box of Dream...
The artists are Melek Koray, Alp Gani Oral, Özge Sekreter and they accompany childrens from primary and junior high school.
Description of project :
Children in workshops tried to find the answers of questions: Who am I? My identity? Me in the world? What are my dreams? Then they come together in D-Atelier to create their dream boxes. Each child bring someting personal from home and find the answer of these questions by art. Final work, boxes come together by the help of artists.

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