Saturday, 24 January 2009

Workshops MDA 2009

Colbert secondary school
(Paris 10e-France

33 participants
(15-16 years old)

Artists :
- Isabelle Sjofer (slameuse)
- Estelle Fenech (photographer&film maker)
- Didier Gonducheau (photographer)

The 23Th january 2009
Visit-workshop in the Museum Quai Bra

An unpartitioned geographical itinerary comprising 3,500 artefacts from all four corners of the world.

At the end of the ‘ramp’, the long winding walkway that spirals up from the reception hall, the permanent collections area presents the great geographical regions in which the Musée du quai Branly’s remarkable collections originated: Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The visitor makes his way fluidly across them, taking in the major crossroads between civilisations and cultures: Asia-Oceania, Insulindia, and Mashreck-Maghreb.

The 3,500 artefacts are presented so as to highlight the historical depth of the cultures that produced them, and the many different meanings that the works themselves possess. The museography encourages the visitor to take the time to inform himself on major thematic areas: masks and tapa in Oceania, costume in Asia, and African musical instruments and textiles form the subjects of a series of fascinating video presentations.

Some of the pics taken by the young participants. It is from these pictures and from these art works that the young participants of the workshop of the Secondary school Colbert are going to work this year around the notions of concrete and abstract. They are then going to have to stage through their feelings, their body and their imagination and trying to habit this art works through the photography and the slam artistic tools.

Mis en ligne par Estelle

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