Thursday, 22 January 2009

Some presentations of all...

Welcome to all and to everybody !

While the various artistic workshops have begun at the moment in Turkey, Israel-Palestine, Germany and France, here is finally our space of exchange beyond the borders ! This is our common blog which is built by the contribution of every participant.
Some short presentations...

From Turkey, thanks to Alp (director of D-Atelier), two schools from Odtü and Türk Eðitim Derneði of 12 and 13 students are with us. Their workshop has started since december 2008. An other group of 5-6 childrens from D-Atelier will join us.
Two groups from Kale region (near from Ankara) : 7 students of 9-10 and 7 students of 11-13 years old.
We will have the pleasure to welcome two groups of women during March : from Çankaya municipality and D-Atelier.

From Israel-Palestine, the young people from camp of Dheisheh make live the blog. The young people from towns of Julis and Eilat are also invited. And maybe others !

From Germany, to Frankfort, the class 'Art and Design workshop' of Anna Schmidt High School and the 20 students of 14-19 years old give their contributions. They work on the idea of metissage and reinterpretation of past and present.
One group from Stuttgart is followed by Juliane.
And from the town of Odenwaldschuler, 18 students of 15-16 years old will share with us their project.

And from France, in Paris and near region, four classes participate,
- 33 students of Colbert High School built, with the artists Elisa (writing) and Estelle (photo-video), a dialogue between pictures and writings to make live cultural diversities. Research of identity and metissage of memories.

- Students of 11-12 years old of Jean Bullant secondary school create identity cards with the help of the plastic artists Clothilde and Isabelle. They ask for their origins and their imaginaries.

- One project intituled 'Arborescence' is developed by a class from Liberté secondary school : with researches in historic documents, the students work on the different symbolic representations and their connections. These symbols can become reference for identity. Every student will can express themselves by photography or plastic arts with the artists Bernadette and Marion.

- And a class from Marie Curie secondary school, young peoples of 13-15 years old introduce their project intituled 'Un autre moi' : they imagine an other way of life with a collectiv material : the ancestral myths which found our collectiv history. Their tools are slam (with the artist Isabelle) and drawing (with the artist Nativ).

Later, we expect for the contribution of a group of women from Maison du Bas Belleville.

You can add some precisions about your works to exchange all together !
And now, let us leave place with the creation ...

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